Discover your prospective laser hair provider by doing research. There are numerous clinics that offer laser hair removal, and they are easy to find. All you need to do is open your browser, and begin the search. To make sure you’ll get satisfying results, the key is to trust your treatments only with trained specialists.

Reliable providers are those who focus on laser treatments. They offer less procedures to perfect their craft of laser hair removal. Keep in mind that leading laser hair removal providers are equipped with the latest technologies for the treatment.

To know that your prospective laser hair removal provider is reliable, ask them what kind of device they use. You may also search for the quality of results they provide by scouting around their feedback comments. Here are more tips about where to get laser hair removal done:

You must steer clear from salons who offer too many services. If the salon also offers services like a manicure, pedicure, massage, dental procedures, most likely they are not a reliable laser hair provider.

Only trust those who specializes in laser hair removal. They are trained to perform the treatment and are skilled in using the laser device. You must be aware of the devices that your provider uses for laser hair removal. Outdated, or old technologies for this treatment may deliver painful treatments that are ineffective

The place you can trust

One certified specialist in laser hair removal is located in Dublin, Havana Skin Clinic. Just like a professional provider of cosmetic services, the Havana Skin Clinic performs safe and effective treatments for laser hair removal.

At the completion of the treatment course, the skin will be free of bumps, ingrown hair and cuts. The treatment doesn’t only eliminate hair, it also results in a smooth, healthy skin. If you’re in Dublin and looking for a credible laser hair removal, reach out to the Havana Skin Clinic.

The device you need

The Havana Skin Clinic uses a cutting-edge device for laser hair removal to assure optimal results. The clinic uses LightSheer Duet made by Lumenis that is specially developed to make laser hair removal less painful, and effective. This device integrates state-of-the-art system that encourages comfortable procedures for patients.

Lightsheer Duet assures impressive clinical results with its diode laser. Experts in aesthetic perfection and technology collaborated to create this technology, and equip it with advanced and efficient systems. They generated two technologies that perfectly fit the capabilities of Lightsheer Duet, which strengthens its power. The two cutting-edge technologies are Vacuum Assisted High-Speed Integrated Technology, and ChillTip™ Technology.

Vacuum Assisted High-Speed Integrated Technology – this feature is developed to enhance and assure a comfortable procedure using a unique mechanism for pain reduction. During the laser procedure, this system pulls the skin near to the device. Thus, it eliminates the need for an aggressive laser heat. Not only that the procedure is less painful compared to old devices, each session is also fast and effective.


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