What to Use After Dermaroller

Dermarolling Aftercare – How to Properly Treat Your Skin Post Treatment

All of our sources of information are trusted established laser and skin clinics. We spoke to Caroline, one of the directors from Havana Skin Clinic who referred us to a tutorial made by their team featuring Yasmin. Yasmin is the the manager of their Dundrum Clinic. Yasmin has been a laser and skincare specialist for over over 5 years and to say she’s earned the title as an skincare and laser expert is an understatement.

What to use after Dermaroller
dermaroller kit

No active Products (for 5 days) following dermaroller usage:

You cannot use any ingredients following dermarolling the skin. Active products include ingredients such as retinols and glycolics being 2 of the most popular. Also research your products and ensure their safe to use. We’d recommend speaking to a laser and skincare specialist if you’re not 100% sure their safe to use. While trying to improve your overall skin health, the last thing you want to do is damage it.

Continue to use your serums while your micro channels are open – hyaluronic and lightening serum being 2 of the most popular:

After using your dermaroller kit, your micro channels are open meaning that trusting your using the right products, you’re inevitably going to get more benefit from them as they can now reach further down to te epidermis layer of the skin.


Yasmin couldn’t stress how important it is to use SPF for best home dermaroller practice. Your skin is now more sensitive to light meaning that the importance of SPF is heightened. If you’re in your car all day or working outside or going to be outside in daylight all day or long periods of time, you should also be topping up your SPF 2-3 times a day. You should also note that daily use of SPF is good skin practice irregardless of dermarolling.

Dermaroller Procedure
What to Use After Dermaroller

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