The DermaPlump – What the People Think

Countless Blogs on the DermaPlump and Statements and Promises are Nothing Without Real Testimonials to Back it Up.

To get an idea of what the general feedback is of using this the DermaPlump, again we headed over to Havana Skin Clinic’s official website for Real Client Testimonials.

DermaPlump for Everyone and all Skin Types

The DermaPump helps to improve overall skin health

Let’s take a look at their Testimonials:


Improve overall skin health.

“What did we do before DermaPlump at home microneedling?! Probably spent a fortune on creams promising to wind back time and take away those wrinkles, or even more extreme measures like botox. Each to their own I say – but I find the microneedle roller so easy to use, it’s quick, painless, and really delivers results. It’s a yes from me!” Kristel O

Fine lines around the mouth?

“So far I love this roller my skin in a week as improved especially the lines around my mouth, here’s looking forward to the next few weeks.” Alison C

Suffer with Open Pores?

“Aghhhh, my pores, I’ve had a problem with pores for years and nothing I used worked, until now. I can’t believe how good this product works. You have a customer for life.” Jane M

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