SlimMe by Lumenis: A Closer Look

For many years, individuals who have always wanted to lose body fat resorted to surgical and invasive procedures of losing fat. However, many of those who desire to lose body fat are scared of surgery.  Another huge issue is dealing with stretch marks after, so you are looking at treatments like micro-needling.

One of the greatest breakthroughs during the 20th century dermatology and aesthetics is the creation of non-invasive procedures to eliminating body fat.

SlimMe by Lumenis is one of the few products in this particular market that is trusted and patronized by many beauty clinics globally.

So what exactly is SlimMe by Lumenis? How does it differ from other similar products? Why has it attained such a strong demand and position in the market of aesthetics?

  • Non-invasive procedure. The SlimMe by Lumenis is a device and a noninvasive approach to eliminating body fat. This means that the patient does not have to undergo an operation or surgery to lose the fat. The device will simply be laid over the target area to burn off those unwanted fats.
  • Four technologies of fat elimination in one device. Some device only makes use of ultrasound technology to eliminate fat. Others only make use of radiofrequency technology.

SlimMe by Lumenis combines not only these two, but a total of four powerful technologies of fat elimination in just one device!

  • (1) Uniform Ultrasound and (2) Multipolar Radiofrequency – both of these technologies efficiently and quickly heats up fat cells to a degree where they are eliminated.
  • (3) Protective Cooling – Works the same way with the first two but makes use of cold temperature.
  • (4) Pulsating Vacuum – Assists in the burning of fat making the treatment more rapid.
  • Uniform Ultrasound Technology – One of the advantages of the SlimMe device is its uniform ultrasound technology. Through this process, temperature is increased to 48 degrees. This temperature will be stored for about three minutes in the fat tissues thereby reducing them significantly.  The uniform ultrasound technology also ensures that the heat is focused only and over the targeted area. This means that no other areas are touched thereby not posing risk to other body parts and ensuring that the heat is fully concentrated on the target area, thus, intensifying the effects.

To know more about this device and the procedure, feel free to contact or visit the Havana Clinic nearest you! SlimMe by Lumenis has rightfully earned its current spot in the field of aesthetics and we would love to share this powerful and proven safe and effective product with our valued clients!