SlimMe: The Best Technology for Body Contouring and Why You Need It

Uncontrollable fat build-up is one of the leading aesthetic issues of aging individuals. Decreased metabolism and pregnancy are the main culprits of this issue. The unappealing changes in the body contours can result in decreased self-esteem and dissatisfaction in one’s appearance. Thus, numerous people are seeking for treatments that can eliminate excess body fat. While some patients are willing to undergo surgical procedures, many individuals wish to achieve similar results minus the incisions. Now with the help of medical lasers and light-based technologies, a slimmer body can be achieved without the need of a surgery. SlimMe is the latest, state-of-the-art equipment that can efficiently reduce unwanted body fat using noninvasive procedures.

What Is SlimMe?

SlimMe is the brainchild of the company LumenisĀ®. Equipped with the latest technologies for fat elimination, SlimMe is currently the most powerful non-invasive procedure for aesthetic contouring and body shaping. This technology has multiple systems for fast, and long-lasting fat elimination effects. SlimMe shapes the body through tissue heating that is achieved through the synergy of uniform ultrasound and radio frequency.

How SlimMe Works

SlimMe is performed using an applicator that delivers treatments in the targeted areas. The procedure begins with measuring of the thickness of fat in the treated areas. The target areas will be marked as SlimZones, which will be applied with Lumenis lotion prior to rubbing in of the hand piece. A vacuum sensation will be felt once the applicator touches the skin. The application of protective cooling follows, then a warm sensation will be felt signifying the release of uniform ultrasound. There will also be emissions of radio frequency for increased efficiency of fat reduction, as well as for the tightening of the skin.

Are You a Candidate for This Procedure?

If you want to eliminate stubborn body fat without the need for incisions, you are a good candidate for the SlimMe procedure. Most patients of this treatment are women who have reduced self-esteem due to the effects of pregnancy to the body. After childbirth, it is typical for women to gain weight, and have excess fat in different areas of the body. Elimination of unwanted body fat can be frustrating, especially when diet and exercise cannot help. Thus, many patients consider SlimMe to achieve the figure they desire without the need of a surgery.

What Can You Expect After the SlimMe Procedure?

The frequency of SlimMe sessions depends on the number of SlimZones. Most patients see the effects of the procedure after a few months following a single treatment. The results are long lasting, which can be enhanced when coupled with diet and exercise. The SlimMe procedure is completely non-invasive, meaning patients will not experience any down time post-treatment.

After the treatment you can consider something like microdermabrasion to get rid of stretch marks