Laser hair removal service eliminates unwanted hairs in most parts of the body. If done by a professional, the results will be highly satisfying. Learning how the treatment works, and how professionals perform the procedure will be the key to your successful laser hair removal service. Here are some of the points that you need to learn when considering the treatment:

Mechanism of laser hair removal

The mechanism for laser hair removal is selective photo-thermolysis. In a selective laser, the treatment only affects the targeted hair and not the surrounding skin or tissue. With the laser’s selective chromophore technique, the pigment of the hair is the targeted, and the laser is absorbed by the melanin of the hair shaft.

Laser Hair Removal Dublin

The word photo in photo-thermolysis means the laser sends amplified light that penetrates the target area. Then it produces heat (thermo) that is delivered to the skin and to the base of the hair shaft.

Once the laser selectively targets the hair, and delivers heat to the area, it results in the destruction or lysis of the active hair follicle. The laser will heat the hair up to 70 degrees, which can permanently destroy the hair, and make the active hair follicle and hair shaft dormant.

How to find a laser specialist

laser hair removal results

It’s easy to find a laser hair provider near you. Just open your browser, and begin the search. Researching is necessary to assure that your treatment will be performed right. Typically, reliable providers are those who focus on laser treatments. Although it’s not necessary, laser treatment clinics have attending doctors. Furthermore, top-notch laser hair removal providers are equipped with the latest technologies for the treatment.

Qualities of a laser specialist

Only the latest, most-advanced devices are being used by a laser hair removal professional. Most of these devices are equipped with a diode laser and a smart system. Compared to outdated technologies for hair removal, up-to-date devices deliver more comfortable procedures, and can effectively treat hairs on different types of skin.

Some astounding innovations for laser hair removal are included with vacuum assist technology, which allows a lower intensity of heat. Meaning, it delivers painless procedures because the laser can easily target the hair shaft. Most devices for laser hair removal today are a diode laser with 810 NM wavelength, which allows the device to penetrate the melanin of the skin, and target the hair.

The Indian skin ranges in the darker shades. Many laser technologies available today can only treat skin that has fairer complexions. However, the latest lasers are more efficient for treating hairs of all skin colors. One of the few clinics who has the best laser hair devices is Havana Skin Clinic. Here, we will discuss how laser hair removal for Indian skin works.

Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin

The laser mechanism

The latest technologies for laser hair removal work using selective photo-thermolysis. This type of laser only affects the targeted hair and not the surrounding skin or tissue. With the laser’s selective chromophore technique, it targets the pigment of the hair, and the melanin of the hair shaft where the laser is absorbed. The laser sends amplified light that penetrates the skin, and then produces heat (thermo) that is delivered to the base of the hair shaft.

Once the laser selectively targets the hair, and light produces heat to the area, it will result in the destruction or lysis of the active hair follicle. The laser will heat the hair up to 70 degrees, which can permanently destroy the hair, and make the active hair follicle and hair shaft dormant.

How laser works for Indian skin

Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin

Older devices for laser hair removal usually fail to target hair of individuals with dark skin. Because the laser works by targeting the hair pigment, the skin’s color must be lighter than the hair. During the consultation, factors like the skin color, the color of the hair and the thickness of hair are considered to determine what kind of approach will be used for the patient. For patients with Indian skin, a diode laser is used as this device can treat all types of skin and hair. Typically, it takes more than 6 sessions until 90% of hair reduction will be achieved.

The right device for Indian skin

Today, there are tons of different devices that are available in the market. When undergoing a laser hair treatment, it’s important that you know what device is used for the procedure. Outdated technologies typically use IPL for laser hair removal, which are not very effective in treating hair especially for dark skin. Devices with IPL disperses laser energy on a broad spectrum and different wavelengths. Meaning, these devices cannot accurately target hair to produce permanent results, instead it may even damage the hair.

What to consider for laser hair removal

When undergoing laser hair removal, make sure to choose an actual laser. The gold standard in laser hair removal are the devices that use a diode laser. This type of laser suits all skin types, all skin colors, and can destroy hair accurately due to its ideal wavelength. At the Havana Skin Clinic, they use only the latest devices for laser hair removal. Equipped with a diode laser and a vacuum assist technology, treatments performed at the Clinic for laser hair removal are painless, effective and produces permanent results.

There are 4 types of laser hair removal bikini: basic, extended, Brazilian and the Hollywood. How the treatment will be performed depends on what type of bikini does the patient prefers. Here, we will discuss why laser hair removal can solve your problems about your bikini fuzz, and the difference between each bikini type.  Always remember, then getting laser hair removal, always visit someone who went to a good esthetician school.

Basic Bikini

In basic bikini, the laser is applied in the area that is one inch outside of the bikini line. The bikini line is the natural crease between the legs and the torso. Visible fuzz in front of the bikini and on the inner leg line is targeted by the laser for this treatment. Basic bikini isn’t a popular treatment for laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cover a large area.

Extended Bikini

Laser hair removal for the extended bikini covers all types of swimsuit. The treatment extends 2 inches on the side and the top part of the bikini line. For the treatment, the laser hair specialist often leaves a small part of hair, also known as the landing strip. The labia and the thong area are included in this treatment.

Brazilian Bikini

The Brazilian bikini is the most popular area for hair removal. For this type, patients can customize their treatment, and can tailor the style, whether they want to leave a small strip of hair on the front, or not. Because the Brazilian bikini can be tailored based on the patient’s aesthetic desires, styles vary greatly for this treatment. Thus, it’s advised that women must first shave the hair that they want to be removed, so the treatment will be done exactly how they expect it to turn out.

Hollywood Bikini

In the Hollywood laser hair removal, the entire area will be treated, removing all visible hairs. Any fuzz on the front, and back will be treated except on the shiny part of the skin near the labia. In Havana Skin Clinic, hairs that grow on the shiny skin are not treated because it can lead to burns, blisters or skin infection. The skin within this part of the bikini is extremely sensitive, which may be harmed when treated with a laser.

Why You Need Laser Hair Removal Bikini

Prevents Ingrown Hair

Due to frequent shaving or waxing, the hairs get trapped under the skin that may result in infected or permanent bumps. Ingrown hairs can be difficult to treat. Because there is no way to remove the trapped hair out of the skin, it’s either you will wait for it to come out when the hair becomes extremely long or get it treated with laser hair removal. Ingrown hairs on the bikini can be annoying, and sometimes it can cause pain. It may also damage the skin permanently.

Prevents Scars

Low quality razors can cut the skin, and result in permanent scars. The bikini may look unsightly, and cause insecurities during intimate moments with the partner. To avoid having scars, the best way is to undergo laser hair removal. This treatment results in permanent removal of hair. Therefore, the freedom from shaving, and saving the skin from scars.

For a Smoother, Flawless Bikini

The hair is not completely removed by shaving, as the hair remains below the dermis that may cause the skin to look darker. Frequent shaving and waxing may also damage the skin, which can result in hyperpigmentation. Though sometimes the darkening of the skin is irreversible, in some cases it could be permanent if not treated.


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