The level of discomfort, efficiency, and span of the procedure depend on the device used for laser hair removal. That’s why it’s important to choose the best one in the market. One of the latest, most-advance

d devices for laser hair removal available today are LightSheer Duet. Experts and patients recommend LightSheer Duet for hair removal because of its impressive work in aesthetic satisfaction. It doesn’t only produce long-lasting, high-quality results, LightSheer Duet also does the following:

Cost Effectiveness

LighSheer devices for hair removal are cost-effective. Every penny spent for this procedure is worth it, as patients can save money in the long run. It can effectively remove hair by making the hair follicles inactive for years. This also means that patients will no longer need to buy products or other services for hair removal.

Latest laser hair removal
Money will be saved in the long run, as well as time. The endless cycle of buying and throwing away products for hair removal will finally end with the help of LightSheer Duet. LightSheer laser hair removal devices have been created to perform fast yet precise procedures that can target each hair follicle within the treatment areas. In fact, procedures may take only 30 minutes or less depending on the area.

For Safety

LightSheer is the safest technology for hair removal today. It is equipped with a smart system to avoid skin burns. It also has a special feature called vacuum assist technology to deliver less painful procedures.

For a Healthier Skin

laser hair removal results

The significance of LightSheer Duet is deeper than just hair removal. This device is developed to take care of your skin. After a few sessions you will feel that your skin is smoother and healthier than before. This device can make the skin even and smooth.

With hairs gone, the patient will no longer need to use products that may harm the skin, such as razors and shaving devices. Scarring, bruising or irritation of the skin will be prevented, resulting in a more beautiful, healthier epidermis. Laser hair removal treatments performed using LightSheer Duet wouldn’t only make your skin smooth and hair-free, it will boost your self esteem and confidence, too.

Where to Find the Latest Laser Technology

It doesn’t matter if the device for laser hair removal is advanced or outdated, if the person who is handling the device doesn’t know how to use it, the treatment will still probably fail. Good thing, at the Havana Skin Clinic, only trained and professional laser hair specialists perform the treatments using the latest technologies.

Every patient can feel assured that procedures will be effective and safe. The advanced technologies allow short treatment time, but with long lasting results. Large areas such as the legs and back can be completed in less than 10 minutes per session. Typically, results can be seen within just 4-6 appointments.

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