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Thinking about getting rid of your hair for good? It’s all possible with laser hair removal. This advanced, cutting edge treatment lets anybody achieve a smooth, fuzz-free skin. Compared to other hair removal methods, laser is more efficient and convenient. To learn more about this procedure, here’s how laser removal of hair works:

Laser Hair Removal of Hair Mechanism


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Compared to the time when laser hair removal had just been released in the market, devices for the treatment has now become better than ever. After many years, technologies for laser hair removal have been developed to its full optimization. Devices for the treatment are now equipped with more precise laser systems that deliver efficient and painless procedures.


Laser hair removal works using a laser that targets the color of hair. The laser warms up the hair shaft to a temperature that stops hair growth. After every session, the hairs become thinner and lesser, until it leads to permanent hair removal. The number of sessions required for every patient varies. However, typically, it takes about 6-10 sessions until 90 percent of hair reduction is achieved. Thus, consultation prior the treatment is recommended for every patient to be sure that it’s the right treatment for their concern.

Laser hair removal treatments have multiple benefits, both for the patient’s aesthetic goals, the health of the skin, and cost. The procedure can lead to permanent hair loss, which means you will get to save money and time in the long run.

Laser hair removal is safe, and does not damage the dermis. Unlike other conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal does not result in ingrown hair or bumps. Additionally, when performed by a specialist, the treatment will result in a smoother skin.

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What to expect?


According to the patients who underwent a laser hair removal, their skin had become so much better after their course of their treatment. Their skin is now smooth, and hair-free like no hair ever grew in the area. Many patients describe their skin as baby-like, which is silky smooth, and flawless.


Laser hair removal doesn’t only result in a permanent hair-free skin, it can also heal some skin issues like ingrown hair and bumps. Patients who considered the treatment no longer need to shave or wax the area, and now they are confident to wear any clothing they like.