Laser Hair Removal Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts for Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal tips


Before and after undergoing laser hair removal treatments, there are necessary actions to be done. Being aware of these steps will lead to effective procedures, and avoidance of unwanted side effects.

  • Get a consultation.

    Consulting with a certified, professional provider of laser hair removal treatments is a mandatory step. During this step, you will know if this treatment is for you. Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not for all. For women who have polycystic ovary disease or other hormonal problems, such procedures may not work. It is also advised that before undergoing the treatment, you must tell your doctor if you’re taking any drugs or antibiotics. Some medications cause photosensitivity, which may lead to bad burning of the skin.

  • Shave a day or two prior treatments.

    Some doctors or technicians instruct patients to shave a day or two before the treatment. It is an important step that helps with the procedure. Laser treatments target the actively growing hair. Shaving encourages this stage, thus making the procedure more effective. .

  • Clean your skin.

    Clean your skin before the treatment. Make sure to remove all dirt, oil, makeup, moisturizer and deodorant prior to the procedure.

  • Consider multiple treatments.

    Patients are required to undergo three to ten sessions if they want to see highly satisfying outcome. Lasers only target the actively growing hair, thus multiple sessions mean better treatment precision.


  • Avoid tanning.

    Exposing your skin from the sun before and after your laser hair removal treatment is one of the most important steps you need to remember. It is advised to avoid tanning of the skin 6 weeks prior and post procedure. Sun exposure can make the skin sensitive, leaving you susceptible to blisters and burns.

  • Don’t remove hair from roots.

     Prior and post treatment, you must not remove hair by plucking, waxing or tweezing. During the procedure, lasers target roots that have hairs. Pulling hair out means there won’t be hairs to target. However, shaving is allowed as it only removes the top part of the hair.

  • Avoid caffeine.

    Though caffeine has no direct impact or effect on the laser treatment, drinking coffee before the procedure may cause you to feel agitated and tensed. Caffeine won’t help if you want to feel relaxed before and during your treatment, which you should be.

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