It’s now possible to be hair-free for good! With our technology, laser can now treat the skin to stop the hair growth in different areas of the body. Laser hair removal is the latest procedure available today that can eliminate fuzz, while keeping the skin smooth and healthy. If you’re residing somewhere in Fingal, you’re lucky. The Havana Skin Clinic has the latest technology for laser hair removal, and they are located in Swords. Here’s what you need to know about laser hair removal Swords.

Laser Hair Removal Swords

The latest laser hair removal technology in Swords!

The Havana Skin Clinic in Swords uses cutting-edge devices for laser hair removal to assure optimal results. The clinic uses LightSheer Duet made by Lumenis that is specially developed to make laser hair removal less painful, and effective. This device integrates state-of-the-art system that encourages comfortable procedures for patients.

Lightsheer Duet assures impressive clinical results with its diode laser. Experts in aesthetic perfection and technology collaborated to create this technology, and equip it with advanced and efficient systems. They generated two technologies that perfectly fit the capabilities of Lightsheer Duet, which strengthens its power. The two cutting-edge technologies are Vacuum Assisted High-Speed Integrated Technology, and ChillTip™ Technology.

Vacuum Assisted High-Speed Integrated Technology – this feature is developed to enhance and assure a comfortable procedure using a unique mechanism for pain reduction. During the laser procedure, this system pulls the skin near to the device. Thus, it eliminates the need for an aggressive laser heat. Not only that the procedure is less painful compared to old devices, each session is also fast and effective.

ChillTip™ Technology – Experts integrated the ChillTip™ technology to protect the epidermis through the delivery of contact cooling. This ability of Lightsheer Duet is specifically made for treating of areas that require precision and higher fluence. Through this technology, the removal of hair becomes efficient, and the skin is protected from any damages.

Handled only by trained specialists

Female laser hair removal

At the Havana Skin Clinic, only trained and professional laser hair specialists perform the treatments using the latest technologies. Laser specialists perform tests and diagnosis among patients before they undergo the first treatment. During the consultation, laser specialists will determine the skin type of the patient, and will assess if the treatment suits the patient. With this, every patient can feel assured that procedures will be effective and safe.

Why You Need Laser Hair Removal

Undergoing laser hair removal has multiple perks both for aesthetic goals, savings and the health of the skin. The procedure can lead to permanent hair loss, which means patients will get to save money in the long run. Patients will no longer need to shave or wax the skin, which can damage the epidermis. Laser hair removal at the Havana Skin Clinic is safe, and does not harm the skin, instead it even encourages a smoother, healthier skin. Laser hair removal can even treat ingrown hairs or bumps due to shaving or waxing.

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