laser hair removal service

Stubborn, unwanted hairs can be annoying. Shaving the hair is time-consuming, and tiring. For people who want to have a smooth skin, achieving a permanent hair-free skin is a dream. Good thing there’s now laser hair removal, which can lead to permanent loss of unwanted hairs. Here we will discuss why you would want to throw away your razors, wax, and shaving cream, and go for laser hair removal instead. Let’s talk about laser hair removal service, and why you need it.

laser hair removal service

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


Laser hair removal works using a laser that targets the color of hair. The laser warms up the hair shaft to a temperature that stops hair growth. After every session, the hairs become thinner and lesser, until it leads to permanent hair removal. The number of sessions required for every patient varies. However, typically, it takes about 6-10 sessions until 90 percent of hair reduction is achieved. Thus, consultation prior the treatment is recommended for every patient to be sure that it’s the right treatment for their concern.

Why You’d Love Laser Hair Removal

Considering a laser hair removal at the Havana Skin Clinic will bring you multiple perks both in aesthetic goals and the health of your skin. The procedure can lead to permanent hair loss, which also means you will get to save money in the long run. You will no longer need to purchase hair removal products, and you will get to save time from plucking, tweezing or going to wax appointments. Laser hair removal is safe, and does not affect the dermis. Unlike other conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal does not result in ingrown hair. Additionally, when performed right and when aftercare procedures are followed, the skin can be saved from blisters, bruises or burns.

Saves time


People who are living a busy life would benefit in laser hair removal. This procedure will help them save time from continuous shaving or waxing; and because the course of treatment results in permanent removal of hair, you will no longer need to waste your time to remove your unwanted hair. Within just about a year of laser hair removal, you may achieve 90 percent of your hair removed permanently.

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Saves energy


With laser hair removal, you will get to use your energy to more important things. You will  become more productive for the day, as you will no longer need to spend minutes of your day shaving your unwanted hair. Just imagine how much energy you can save after completing your laser hair treatment.


Saves money


Every cent that you will spend for this treatment is truly worth it. Instead buying of hair removal products or regularly going to your wax treatments, consider laser hair removal and you will get to save a ton of money over time. Furthermore, you will have a smooth, healthy and hair free skin without dishing out cash, or your wasting time or energy.