The legs are a large area that many people want to be hair-free. For individuals who feel bothered about the hairs on the legs, it can be too time-consuming and tiring to keep the area smooth. Other than that, shaving or waxing the legs can damage the skin. Thus, laser hair removal is the best treatment for hairs on the legs. Know more about laser hair removal legs here.

Laser Hair Removal Legs

The best hair removal option for the legs

The Havana Skin Clinic offers laser hair removal to achieve the ideal, flawless legs that both genders desire. With the latest technology, laser hair specialists at the Havana Skin Clinic provide safe and efficient treatments for patients.

The device works using pulses of laser, which target the pigment of the hair. Then, the laser delivers heat to the hair without affecting the surrounding tissues. The heat from the laser will then be absorbed by the pigment of hair. This mechanism will cause the hair to become dormant, and eventually, termination of the hair growth. Permanent hair removal can be achieved while keeping the skin healthy and smooth.

Be hair-free for good!

Laser Hair Removal Legs

Shaving or waxing the legs can result in cuts, bumps, and discoloration of the skin, which are truly unsightly. Shaving the legs is an inefficient way to remove hair as it may leave dark patches on the skin. These patches are the left over hair that are still under the skin after shaving, which cannot be eliminated unless the hair is plucked from the roots. However, plucking or waxing can cause ingrown hairs, or infected hairs as it exposes the deeper skin to harmful outer elements like bacteria.

Such inconveniences can be avoided by undergoing laser hair removal. You will no longer need to shave or wax your legs again after your treatment course, as the results last for a long time.

Can treat hairs of any skin type

There are now cutting-edge technologies for laser hair removal. Just what the Havana Skin Clinic uses, which is equipped with a diode laser that can remove hair on all types of skin.

Compared to older technologies, the Havana Skin clinic’s device can target hair effectively even with patients who have a darker skin colour. The device also provides procedures with minimal discomfort due to its smart system that’s specially developed to reduce pain during the treatment.

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