Laser hair removal deals

Laser hair removal can be costly, especially if you’re aiming to treat a large area. Even so, every penny that you will spend for the procedure will surely be worth it. Furthermore, some clinics are now offering promos and deals that can help you save a ton of money. One of those laser hair providers is Havana Skin Clinic. They offer the best treatment deals for you to get the most of what you can from the budget that you have. Here is the laser hair removal deals from the Ireland’s best aesthetic clinic.

Only €25 per session

Havana Skin Clinic offers a new deal, which is only €25 per session for small areas. For the areas like the upper lip, chin, naval line, nipples, fingers, toes, you can now get 6 sessions for only €150.00. The average laser hair removal cost for such areas is €249, but the Havana Skin Clinic knows that many patients have a tight budget. Thus, for only €25 per session, small areas of your body can now be treated with a fair price.

€299 for the underarm

You only have to pay €299 for the whole course of 6 treatments for the armpits. Sessions are performed every 4 weeks. However, 6 sessions are just the average number of treatments for patients. Depending on your hair growth, the suggested number of treatments may vary. To get the exact quotation for you, get a schedule for Havana Skin Clinic’s free consultation.

€299 (minimum) for 6 treatments on the bikini

Extended Bikini €299

Brazilian Bikini €399

Hollywood Bikini €499

When choosing the right type of bikini for you, we suggest treating the areas that you usually shave or wax. All types of bikini treatments include a whole course of 6 treatments. The number of sessions may differ depending on the patient’s hair growth. The right quotation for your case will be given during your free consultation.

Half Legs €499

Full Legs €799


Both half and full leg treatment include a whole course of 6 sessions. However, the ideal number of treatments for you may vary depending on your hair growth. We will give the right quotation to you during your free consultation.

Combination Packages

The Havana Skin Clinic also offers combination packages, which have a huge price difference compared to the per area rates. Many patients consider the combination packages because it lets them save more money and time.

Half Leg / Bikini / Underarm


Full Leg / Bikini / Underarm


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