Laser hair removal is the best option to achieve a hair-free bikini. It is safe, effective and doesn’t harm the skin. When dealing with a delicate part, laser is the best method for the treatment of hairs. It will help you avoid shaving of the bikini ever again, while also keeping your skin smooth. Here are the reasons why you’d love laser hair removal bikini.

laser hair removal bikini

Laser hair removal: how it works?

During the laser hair removal, the hairs are killed using pulses of laser. Laser treatments specifically target dark materials, and deliver heat to the hair without affecting the surrounding tissues. The light from the laser will be absorbed by the pigment of hair, causing the hair to become dormant, and eventually, termination of hair growth.

Laser hair removal is pain-free

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal is less painful. Especially using the latest devices like what the Havana Skin Clinic has. With a cutting-edge device called, LightSheer Duet by Lumenis, a painless laser hair removal can be delivered.

LightSheer Duet has Vaccum Assisted Technology, which works impressively to reduce pain during laser hair removal. The slight vacuum delivered by this technology suppresses the nerve endings, resulting in less discomfort. Additionally, the laser does not travel through the nerves, so the patient feels more comfortable during the procedure. The Vaccum Assisted Technology simultaneously pulls the hair closer to the laser, which eliminates the need for an aggressive heat in order to be effective.

Aesthetic experts at the Havana Skin Clinic assure that laser hair removal treatments done with LightSheer Duet are more comfortable, and 75% faster compared to other devices.

Preparing for laser hair removal


prepare for laser hair removal


It’s important to exfoliate 4 days before undergoing laser hair removal. This will remove any dead cells in the area, which helps the laser penetrate better through hair follicles. Exfoliating the skin prior to the treatment will also help to achieve the best results possible for the patient. It will not only amplify the effect of the laser when killing the hair, it will also help the skin become smoother and healthier.

Shave the Area

For areas that are difficult to shave, like the bikini, it’s advised that these areas must be shaved 3 days and 24 hours prior to the procedure to avoid any possibilities of skin damages or irritation. Shaving the areas before the laser hair removal also helps in the success of the procedure.

Use Aloe Vera

Use aloe Vera to help soothe the skin before and after the procedure. Aloe Vera is the only product suggested by laser hair specialists to make the area less sensitive, especially for patients who are prone to bumps and lumps. Thus, applying aloe Vera on the bikini area before undergoing the treatment calms the skin. You can apply the product 1 day before the procedure, but not on the day of the treatment. The area must be clean and shaved before going to your first laser hair removal.

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