Laser hair removal is the best way to achieve a flawless, permanent hair-free skin. The treatment can be performed in almost any part of the body. With today’s advanced technologies for laser hair removal, you can feel assured that your treatment will be safe and effective. However, it’s important that laser hair removal will be performed by a specialist to ascertain your treatment’s efficiency and safety. Below are the most common laser hair removal areas, and how the treatment is performed in each area:

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The underarm is a popular treatment area of choice for laser hair removal. Simply because the armpits are frequently exposed, so patients want to keep the area hair-free. It’s common with first time patients to try laser hair removal on their underarms to see if it works great on them.

The hair grows fast after shaving. Thus, you have to shave the armpits regularly to keep it hair-free. However, continuous shaving can harm the skin. It may damage the armpits, causing bumps, cuts and ingrown hair. Shaving also leaves an unsightly shadow on the underarm that make it look darker. On the other hand, waxing the underarm can be painful and inconvenient.

For permanent removal of hair, patients have to undergo a course of laser hair treatments. After completing the course, patients will no longer need to shave or wax the area, which means they will be able to save a lot of time and money.


Basic Bikini

In basic bikini, hair outside of the average bikini is removed. The laser is applied in the area that is one inch outside of the bikini line. The bikini line is the natural crease between the legs and the torso. Hairs inside one inch of the bikini line are removed. Visible fuzz in front of the bikini and on the inner leg line is targeted by the laser for this treatment. Basic bikini isn’t a popular treatment for laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cover a large area. Only a very few patient considers this treatment.

Extended Bikini

Extended bikini is a treatment that covers all types of swimsuit. The treatment extends 2 inches on the side and top part of the bikini line. For the treatment, the specialist often leaves a small part of hair, also known as the landing strip. The labia and the thong area are included for this treatment.

Brazilian Bikini

The Brazilian bikini is the most popular area for hair removal. Patients can customize their treatment, and can tailor whether they want a small strip of hair left on the front, or any other styles. Because the Brazilian bikini can be tailored based on the patient’s aesthetic desires, styles vary greatly for this treatment. Thus, it’s advised that women must first shave the hair that they want to be removed, so the treatment will be done exactly how they expect it to turn out.

Hollywood Bikini

The Hollywood Bikini treats the entire area, removing all visible hairs. Any fuzz on the front, and back will be treated except on the shiny part of the skin near the lips. In Havana Skin Clinic, hairs that grow on the shiny skin are not treated because it can lead to burns, blisters or skin infection. The skin within this part of the bikini is extremely sensitive, which may be harmed when treated with a laser.


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Laser hair removal is the safest and most efficient way to eliminate hair on the lip. Unlike shaving or waxing, this method has permanent results and won’t harm your skin. Laser hair removal uses a particular wavelength of light to create heat, which destroys the stem cells of an active hair follicle. The number of sessions depends on every patient because hair grows differently for each individual. Thus, consultation is necessary prior to the treatment.

The Havana Skin Clinic offers free consultation for people who are interested in laser hair removal. Reach out to the clinic’s contact numbers to learn more about the procedure.

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