Laser Hair Removal 2017: Keeping Up With the Times

Laser hair removal has gone a long way. The advance technology we see every year adds more layer of efficiency to every generation of lasers that are launched. Laser hair removal 2017 is a testament to the continuing evolution of the aesthetics industry.


Havana Skin Clinic has always prided itself in delivering satisfactory results to its loyal clients. To make sure that excellent outcomes are achieved, its devices are always changing to suit the growing needs of the clientele. At present, its laser hair removal 2017 service makes use of LightSheer Duets with diode laser and Vacuum Assist Technology. This machine makes it possible for Havana Skin Clinic to treat all hair colors and skin types.

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  • Laser Hair Removal Development

    The early beginning of laser hair removal was mainly used for people with a combination of light skin and dark-colored hair. The melanin found under the skin has the ability to absorb light instead of reflecting it. Its speed of light-absorption is almost equal to that of the same kind of melanin that is found in the hair. Because of this, the lasers made were meant to accommodate this combination alone.

    Havana Skin Clinic This was not meant to last. New lasers were produced to cater to different combinations of skin and hair color. Some of them were the alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 775 nanometers which caters to patients with light skin but is not advisable to people with dark skin. The neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser has a wavelength of 1064 nanometers. It is applicable to clients with dark skin.

  • What Havana Skin Clinic has to Offer

    At Havana’s, the laser hair removal 2017 system is the LightSheer Duets. This is the machine that can remove hair through the use of Vacuum Assist Technology and the diode laser, which is considered as the gold standard in laser hair removal. It works at a faster rate than any other device.

    The diode laser and the Vacuum Assist Technology work in unison to treat a patient. The vacuum brings the hair follicles very close to the laser which makes the heat intensity significantly reduced. This means that the period of recovery is shorter and no irritation can happen. The nerve endings are also suppressed to eliminate pain during treatment.

    Lasers are not created equally. Havana Skin Clinic recognizes this fact by using only the top-ofthe-line
    machines for its laser hair removal 2017.