In todays video I’m going to be reviewing the Image skincare Vital C hydrating enzyme mask. What I do is I help women to be confident and to not criticize themselves when they don’t have makeup on especially mothers with children because we have busy lives so don’t always have the opportunity to take that 15 to 30 minutes in the morning to apply all the makeup on so most of the time something is gonna pop up where we need to run out the door with no make-up on so its just really to help you have that confidence that you’re able to leave your house comfortably by just taking a few simple steps in your skin care routine at home.

The Vital C hydrating enzyme mask is going to work on hydrating, exfoliating and nourishing your skin through infusing vitamins and enzymes into your skin. So the product has a 20 percent blend of vitamin C and 15 percentVitamin A and E and it’s also got fruit enzymes like papaya and pineapple which work on breaking down the bonds in between you’re dead skin cells which is going to encourage cell turnover to reveal a fresher layer of skin up to the surface. It makes your skin feel very smooth, very refreshed and it actually smells like oranges so it’s a really nice product to use.

I use it as a mini home peel. Now when you’re first introduced to this product you need to start off in smaller doses because it’s going to promote that cell turnover and it’s also exfoliating the skin. So you start off using this product at five minutes using it as a mini home Peel and then you’ll increase your time by five minutes each week. The products can be used two to three times per week but I like to start my clients off using the product once every every week. But you know your own skin so if you feel your skin tolerate it well the first time it can tingle slightly which is very normal so don’t go to fight if this happens but if you feel your skin is very sensitive after the first use I’d encourage you to wait until the following week before re-applying it.

But most people can use it two to three times per week starting out. It instantly brightens, tightens and lightens your skin and it’s great for anybody who has that hard, dry, dull looking skin to give them that lift and especially if you’re going to any special events to use the night before so that your skin looks nice and fresh and duey the following day. It’s especially good for anybody who has sensitive skin or anybody who suffers rosacea or like that just for an anti-ageing product to use as part of your homecare regime.

What you can also do with this product is mix it in with your normal cleanser to enhance your cleanser that little bit more to exfoliate gently exfoliate the skin without over exfoliating to much. How I like to use this product is to rotate it with the ageless resurfacing mask. By using one today and two days later I’ll use the resurfacing mask and the following two days I’ll come back to my enzyme mask. So mixing both of these products works really well for me but I understand not everybody will have the need to purchase both of these products because you might have other products which will be of more importance to you. And these products can work really well as a standalone exfoliation method by just using it two or three times per week as part of your skincare regime.

So what I will do is I’ll leave a link for this product in the description below this video and also pop in there a couple of other products that I highly rate from the Image skincare range or other products from different brands that I use as part of my skincare regime. For anybody who’s interested in going to check them out.

What I like to do is help mothers feel comfortable in their skin, to not feel embarrassed or criticise themselves when they don’t have makeup on by just taking a couple of little steps in their skincare routine to improve the look of their skin that they are more confident in their own skin when not wearing makeup or not wearing as much makeup as they would like to wear. Because I understand myself having two children it’s not always possible to put the makeup on especially in the mornings when your running out to the school. So I hope this video has helped. Thanks for watching and as always feel beautiful be happy. Confidence is key.

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