In today’s video I am going to be reviewing the image skincare intense lightening serum. What I do is I help women be confident and to not criticize themselves when they don’t have makeup on especially mothers with children because we have busy lives so we don’t always have the opportunity to take that 15 to 30 minutes in the morning to apply all the makeup on so most of the times somethings gonna pop up where we need to run out the door with no makeup on so its just really to help you have that confidence that you’re able to leave your house comfortably by just taking a few simple steps in your skin routine at home. And so you guys know if you purchase any product from our online skin shop you’re going to get a sticky discount and what I mean by that is your gonna receive 20 percent off immediately and your also gonna get 20 percent off for life. So find out more below below this video. So the Alumina Intenese lightening Serum has a blend of botanical skin lighteners natural skin lighteners which includes Barberi Kojak and Liquice. And each of these reduce and minimize un even skin tone and brown spots on the skin. It’s also high in antioxidants and inflammatory properties which include Vitamin C, green tea and grapeseed extract which all work on reducing redness in the skin.

So it’s really good to use for anybody who suffers with acne to take down the inflammation and the redness from the skin and its also oil free but also to be used for rosacea skin, post treatments, post sunburn, post waxing treatments, laser hair removal treatments or any cosmetic treatments that you’re having to take reduce redness and inflammation after you have undergone any professional treatments. Also for post surgery but especially for anybody who suffers from hyperpigmentation or brown spots on the skin. So if you’re prone to pigmentation this product is a must because it has a tirazine inhibitor which suppresses your molanazites, it’s your molanazites that produce pigment in the skin. So what the tirazine inhibitor in this product does is it suppresses the molanazites and balances them out so that when you’re exposed to the sun they don’t have an imbalance where they over activate and produce more pigments which can become permanent on the skin.

So when we balance them out there’s no over activation so I really see this product as insurance towards your skin for anybody who does suffer with hyperpigmentation. I see it as a must have but not even people who suffer with hyperpigmentation in general because were exposed daily to a UVA rays which is what ages our skin and also UVB rays when the sun comes out it’s important that we are protected against this and this product is definitely gonna help you to do that and it does this job naturally. It’s also non-photosensitive so it doesn’t cause any excess exposure when you are exposed to the sun it’s suitable for all skin types all Fitzpatrick types including pregnant women and the product can be applied morning and night time after you cleanse your skin. So you take this product as your step 2 before you moisturize or before you would apply your normal cream serum if you’re going to be using another serum alongside this product. So this product actually does exactly what I do.

I help mothers to not criticize themselves in the morning when they’re dropping their children at school and haven’t had time to apply their makeup on or haven’t had time to put as much makeup on that they usually wear by just educating and motivating mothers to take a couple of steps towards maintaining their skin and looking after their skin so that they can be more confident in their skin and have the ability to leave the house without wearing any makeup and to still be confident. So I hope this video has helped you Ill leave a link for this product below this video in the description and I’ll also pop in another few products that I highly recommend from the Image skincare range and other products that I use in my own skincare routine which this is one of them. So I hope today’s video helps. Thanks for watching. And as always feel beautiful be happy. Confidence is key.

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