How to Use and Clean your DermaPlump

Now you know what the DermaPlump is and the countless benefits it’s poses for our skins overall health and complexion, your probably asking yourself the following questions:


How do I use this magical, #nofilterneeded, time turning back wand and doesn’t it get dirty?

The DermaPlump aka collagen induction therapy

Achieve Healthier Skin With The DermaPlumpit get dirty?????? 

How to use and clean your DermaPlump:

As usual, we source all of our information and advice from top skincare specialists and established clinics that we trust, which is why, you guessed it, the information sourced on how to use and clean your DermaPlump came from none other than Havana Skin Clinic. 


They have extensive information on the DermaPlump which you can source here: Havana Skin Clinic – The DermaPlump or if you missed our last blog, check it out here: The DermaPlump Extended

In Order to Use the DermaPlump Effectively

1. Cleanse the skin of all make up and impurities 

2. Select your chosen product. (We suggest lightening serum or hyaluronic acid for this to achieve optimal results)

3. Co-founder and director of Havana Skin Clinic, Caroline Hooper suggests dividing the facial into the following areas:

  • The Forehead. 
  • The Cheeks. 
  • The Cheek Bone.
  • The Chin.
  • The Upper Lip. 
  • The Eye Brows. (This area is often neglected while cleansing)
  • The Jawline.

4. Apply your product to the area before rolling and then roll. 

5. Roll in a criss-cross pattern. Roll vertically and then horizontally to ensure full coverage and all micro channels are opened. 

6. Apply the product to the area after using the roller. 


How do I clean it?

At Minimum:

You should be rinsing the DermaPlump with boiling hot water.

To Thoroughly Clean It:

  • Rinse the DermaPlump under hot water for a 2-3 seconds.
  • Pour isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in a small dish.
  • Soak your DermaPlump for 60 minutes to thoroughly sanitize it.
  • Rinse your DermaPlump with warm running water for 30-60 seconds.
  • Lay your roller upside down on a paper towel and let it air dry.

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