The underarms are one of the most common areas treated with laser hair removal. Especially for women, the area needs to be clean and hair-free. The armpits are valued, which women want to be always smooth and flawless. The problem is, most girls grow hairs on the area, which can be difficult to maintain without damaging the skin. Good thing, laser hair removal is now available to keep the underarms hair-free and beautiful. Here’s why you need laser hair removal underarms.

Laser hair removal Underarms

Benefits of laser hair removal underarms

Girls need to shave the armpits regularly and frequently to keep the it hair-free. However, continuous shaving isn’t good for the skin. It can damage the armpits, causing bumps and ingrown hair. Shaving also leaves a shadow on the underarm, making the armpits look darker.

On the other hand, waxing the underarm can be inconvenient. Wax treatments require patients to grow their underarm hair at a particular length, which means, patients need to hide the armpits for some time until the hair is long enough for waxing. With laser hair removal, patients can shave the armpit in between treatments, and keep the underarm clean at all times.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal works using selective photo-thermolysis. This treatment uses selective laser, which means it only affects the targeted hair and not the surrounding skin or tissue. With the laser’s selective chromophore technique, it works by targeting the pigment of the hair, and the melanin of the hair shaft where the laser is absorbed. Photo means the laser sends amplified light that penetrates the target area, which produces heat (thermo) that is delivered to the skin and to the base of the hair shaft.

Once the laser selectively targets the hair, and light produces heat to the area, it will result in the destruction or lysis of the active hair follicle. The laser will heat the hair up to 70 degrees, which can permanently destroy the hair, and make the active hair follicle and hair shaft dormant.

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Why you must refrain from shaving and plucking

Old-fashioned methods for hair removal like waxing, plucking or using creams can damage the skin. For waxing, the hair is pulled out from the roots in a fast motion, which can ruin the tunnel of hair where the hair grows. This can cause ingrown hairs which can turn permanent.

On the other hand, chemicals used for hair removal creams can irritate the sensitive skin of the underarms. Especially in delicate areas, using creams can lead to more serious skin problems when improperly done. Lastly, shaving can damage the top layer of the skin. Sharp razors can cut the skin that may cause permanent scars, as well as ingrown hairs.

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