The Indian skin ranges in the darker shades. Many laser technologies available today can only treat skin that has fairer complexions. However, the latest lasers are more efficient for treating hairs of all skin colors. One of the few clinics who has the best laser hair devices is Havana Skin Clinic. Here, we will discuss how laser hair removal for Indian skin works.

Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin

The laser mechanism

The latest technologies for laser hair removal work using selective photo-thermolysis. This type of laser only affects the targeted hair and not the surrounding skin or tissue. With the laser’s selective chromophore technique, it targets the pigment of the hair, and the melanin of the hair shaft where the laser is absorbed. The laser sends amplified light that penetrates the skin, and then produces heat (thermo) that is delivered to the base of the hair shaft.

Once the laser selectively targets the hair, and light produces heat to the area, it will result in the destruction or lysis of the active hair follicle. The laser will heat the hair up to 70 degrees, which can permanently destroy the hair, and make the active hair follicle and hair shaft dormant.

How laser works for Indian skin

Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin

Older devices for laser hair removal usually fail to target hair of individuals with dark skin. Because the laser works by targeting the hair pigment, the skin’s color must be lighter than the hair. During the consultation, factors like the skin color, the color of the hair and the thickness of hair are considered to determine what kind of approach will be used for the patient. For patients with Indian skin, a diode laser is used as this device can treat all types of skin and hair. Typically, it takes more than 6 sessions until 90% of hair reduction will be achieved.

The right device for Indian skin

Today, there are tons of different devices that are available in the market. When undergoing a laser hair treatment, it’s important that you know what device is used for the procedure. Outdated technologies typically use IPL for laser hair removal, which are not very effective in treating hair especially for dark skin. Devices with IPL disperses laser energy on a broad spectrum and different wavelengths. Meaning, these devices cannot accurately target hair to produce permanent results, instead it may even damage the hair.

What to consider for laser hair removal

When undergoing laser hair removal, make sure to choose an actual laser. The gold standard in laser hair removal are the devices that use a diode laser. This type of laser suits all skin types, all skin colors, and can destroy hair accurately due to its ideal wavelength. At the Havana Skin Clinic, they use only the latest devices for laser hair removal. Equipped with a diode laser and a vacuum assist technology, treatments performed at the Clinic for laser hair removal are painless, effective and produces permanent results.

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