Fungal Nail Infection Pregnant

Fungal Nail Infection Pregnant. Is it serious and can you still have treatment while pregnant. Well I am here to talk about fungal nail infection if you are pregnant or breast feeding

Anyone can have fungi-infected nails. Nail fungus is a common disease that can affect young and old individuals. Even pregnant or breastfeeding women can suffer from this disease, and for those people, this disease can be more difficult to treat because of a more limited treatment options. In this chapter, we will discuss if laser is a safe treatment for pregnant and breastfeeding women who have nail fungi.

What is a Fungal Nail Infection?

Nail fungus or onychomycosis can be easily detected. People with this disease have nails that change in appearance. In most cases, nail fungus can be painful. A person’s nails with onychomycosis turn yellow, thick, rough, or may cause the nails to crumble. Streaks on the side of the nail may also appear, and sometimes, patients completely lose the infected nail. The toenail with fungi may also change its color to brown, yellow or white.

Organisms like dermatophytes, Candida (yeast) and non-dermatophyte moulds cause the start of onychomycosis infection. Such organisms live in dark and damp places where a person can get a fungal infection.

People at any age can have a fungal nail disease, but it’s more common in adults.

As people age, the nails become drier and more brittle. When the nails crack, this is where fungi can enter and infect the rest of the nails. Although humans normally have fungi inside and outside the body, the time the number of fungus overgrows, it’s where the symptoms of infection begin.

Causes of a Fungal Nail Infection

Hygiene. Hygiene plays an important role in the growth of fungal infection. People who borrow shoes or socks from a person with nail fungus may be infected with the disease. Failing to completely dry off the feet after shower or exercise may also allow the growth of fungus in the nails. In most cases, fungal infection of the nails begins in athlete’s foot. In relation to that, athletes are susceptible to having fungus infected nails.

Damaged nails. Fungus can enter the bed of the nails if the nails become damaged. Nails that had trauma, wounds or cuts would allow the fungus to pass through the nail and the nail bed where onychomycosis infection begins.

Weak immune system. Old people, diabetics and individuals with compromised immune system are more susceptible to acquiring fungal nail infection. Irregular or abnormal PH level of the skin may also cause a person to have the disease.

Is the laser treatment safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Typically, laser specialists don’t treat women who are pregnant to avoid risks. However, if the person is willing to take the risks, then we can proceed with the procedure.

fungal nail infection pregnant

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For breastfeeding women, on the other hand, laser fungal nail is virtually safe. Thus, the laser treatment for nail fungi is allowed for those who are breastfeeding.

Mechanism of Laser When Treating Nail Fungus

The continuous improvement allows lasers to evolve, which expands its capacity and uses as time goes. Laser is now also being used to treat and kill fungi that cannot be easily cured with oral and topical drugs. Lasers produce a coherent light energy at a specific wavelength, which, when aimed at a particular target is absorbed differently, destroying cells or organisms using heat. Other tissues than the target are not affected by the laser. The nail fungus is treated by heating the infected area to the point it can kill the harmful organisms, and discourage any possible growth in the future. Other lasers used to treat fungi are fractional Cos laser that burn holes in the nail plate, so topical anti-fungal medications can penetrate, and effect faster.


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