Fungal Nail Infection – or Perhaps Discolouration?

Discoloured toe nails are the first sign of fungal nail infection. Fungal nail infection is not something that should be ignored. Due to the conditions it lives in, this infection spreads like wild fire.


Fungal Nail Infection

Hot damp sweaty living conditions…

Alas, fungal nails best friend and to say it thrives and multiples is an understatement. If you detect it, you should act immediately unless you are willing to spend your days in flip flops which if your like me and living in Ireland, probably isn’t going to be possible! Not if you want to keep your toes this winter.

Is it even possible to avoid Nail Varnish and Fake Tan?

It is true though, you can get discoloured toe nails from nail varnish and fake tan. But how do we know the difference? Well first of all, education is key so if you suffer with any signs of fungal nail, it is so important to book a consultation and have it checked by a specialist immediately. You can book one and be seen for free by a skincare and laser specialist at: Havana Skin Clinic

Secondly, if you do think that it could be down to discolouration, just give the nails a good clean. With nail varnish stains, go back over the nails with nail varnish remover. You must ensure that you use a separate cotton pad for each nail. In the event of tan, a good scrub with a nail brush and lots of soap to ensure that any tan sitting on the surface will be removed. If tan is left on the nail for some time however, it might take more than a good scrub to clean the nails. While scrubbing the nails, it’s so important to be careful that you’re not spreading the infection!

Another way to detect if you have fungal nail is by knowing the causes! I always say that education is key and if you know the causes then detecting fungal nail might be that bit easier. Head over to my previous blog post on this topic here:Fungal Nail Infection – Causes

In conclusion, discoloured nails may not mean that you’ve been infected by fungal nail. However, by educating yourself on causes and signs of the infection, you lessen your chances of firstly getting it and secondly nipping it in the bud ASAP.