Fungal Nail Infection – Laser Treatment Experience

Aisling here continuing with everything fungal nail. Today I’m specifically looking at one persons experience with fungal nail. Breda Murphy got the infection in her finger nails and her story really took me back! After countless trips to the doctor, a topical treatment which never resolved it, tablets which resulted in loss of taste buds and a drastic decline in mood and overall low feeling, Breda turned to Havana Skin Clinic for laser fungal nail treatment.

Here’s Breda’s Story

How did it start?

Breda Murphy has been suffering from nail fungus infection for about two years. Two summers ago, her fingers were pricked by a flower while gardening. Ever since that day she noticed some changes on her fingernails. fungal nail infection – customer experience


The fungal nail infection began in one fingernail. Her nail turned yellow, brittle, thick and weak. When she went to the doctors clinic, Brenda knew that she got infected with fungi. Her doctor prescribed her topical medications to get rid of the infection. However, it didn’t treat the disease, which had further spread to her other fingernails. Up to this day, Brenda is still suffering from nail fungi, and she’s still looking for ways to finally get rid of it.


Fungal Nail Infection

Breda Murphy 

What treatments has she tried?

Topical treatments didn’t do well for Brenda. Because the nail is thick, and hard to penetrate, it’s common for topical anti fungal medications to be ineffective. One day, when she went to a chemist where one pharmacist told her that the fungi could be living inside her. The pharmacist recommended her to drink oral anti fungal drugs a lot of people are told to take these oral drugs. So, she mentioned it to her doctor.


How did it affect her health?


Fungal nail experience

Brenda’s nail fungus didn’t only affect her self-esteem, it also affected her health. Because the anti fungal oral drugs effected her mental health, there were times when she felt grumpy and depressed.


Brenda felt so desperate to get rid of the fungi that she even considered more advanced treatments and even to go to the hospital and get her nails removed. According to Brenda, her nail fungi are extremely annoying, and uncomfortable. When the weather gets too cold or too hot, her infected nails become painful. Her nails also tend to break easily and the nails grows thick. So, she covers it with lacquer to conceal its unsightly appearance.

How does she find the laser fungal nail treatment? 

One of her children knew about the laser fungal nail treatment for nail fungus, as she had been to a laser clinic for a different treatment. Though Brenda experiences a bit of discomfort when she undergoes her laser treatment, she said it’s worth it, as most visits are almost painless treatments. So far she feels satisfied with her laser fungal nail treatment. Unlike the other methods that she had tried to get rid of the infection, the laser has no side effects and is more effective.

In conclusion, laser is really the only option in treating fungal nail infection. Well that is unless you don’t mind losing your taste buds and feeling depressed! Or you enjoy wasting money and time making countless trips to your local doctor whilst being prescribed an optical treatment that is hard to use and shows no results! If you would like to know more on the causes of fungal nail infection, check out one of my previous blogs here: Beauty Tips Blog – Causes of Fungal Nail Infection

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