Fungal Nail Infection Celebrity Red Carpet Malfunctions

If you have a fungal nail infection and your asking yourself; Why me? Why now? How could this of happened to me? It’s seriously time to cool the jets! This fungal infection is more common than you think and has even made it’s way onto the red carpet! Yes that’s right folks, some of Hollywoods biggest celebrities have been photographed on the red carpet parading the infection before heading in to collect their awards!

My name’s Aisling and for those of you who are new to this blog, welcome! Secondly when I explore an area, I do so with great detail and only source the information from established sources! While writing this blog series, I turned to Havana Skin Clinic.

This blog isn’t as technical as the previous ones but while researching fungal nail infection and talking to people about the topic especially those who suffer with it, there seems to one very common theme…. No body knows how common it is? In fact those carrying the infection seem to think that their the only one and admitted to ignoring the infection upon initial signs! This is what inspired me to write about celebrity malfunctions carrying the infection because I am determined to show case just how common it is.

Kate Moss Fungal Nail

Kate Moss Fungal Nail Infection.

A deformity isn’t the only thing that Kate has to worry about, if you look closely, you can see discolouration which is a clear sign of the early stages of fungal nail infection.

Madonna - Fungal Nail

Madonna Photographed with Fungal Nail

Madonna has undoubtedly got fungal nail infection. This is what the infection looks like when it’s ignored and left to thrive and multiple! 

Lastly, let’s take a look at the infection from the early stages.

Fungal Nail Infection

Penelope Cruz – Fungal Nail Infection

To the untrained eye, you probably wouldn’t see anything wrong with Penelope’s nails but with a closer look and with the knowledge of what fungal nail looks like, the infection is quite obvious. Remember to never ignore nail discolouration.

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