Dermaroller – Your guide to promoting hair growth?

It might sound crazy but you can use the dermaroller to promote hair growth. The results are thicker, healthier hair in the areas where the roller was applied. Before I dive into this blog, let’s take a look at the technicalities. I headed over to Havana Skin Clinic to find out exactly how the dermaroller could maximise hair growth. It simply maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the sleeping follicles. This principle is the same as how it improves your skin overall health. 

Things you should know before using the Dermaroller.


One thing you need to note before use of the dermaroller is that it is so important to clean it properly in between uses. You can clean it with 70% alcohol and let it air dry 100%. While soaking your dermaroller in the solution, it is also suggested that you use a plastic or Styrofoam cup and not a glass. This is because the needles can bend if put into a glass cup. If the needles bend and then are used to derma roll the skin, it can cause damage to the surface of the skin.


Secondly, if you drop your dermaroller, it’s time to ditch it. This is not only important for hygiene purposes but also for in case the needles bend on impact of hitting the floor. Bent needles cause damage to the surface of the skin.



Thirdly, if you are applying a serum to your scalp or face using a dropper bottle, ensure that the dropper bottle does not physically touch the surface of your skin when dropping the product onto your skin. This can cause cross contamination. Transferring any bacteria could possible cause an infection while using a dermaroller.



Ensure that all of your tools are clean and sanitized before use including combs, clips and pins that will touch the scalp.


Things to remember while Dermarolling the scalp.

Take the hair in sections. After splitting up the hair, apply whatever serum you are using, along the hair line. Apply the dermaroller in the direction that your hair is laying. You can also apply the dermaroller vertically with a light hand ensuring that it does not get caught in your hair.
Following this, apply some more serum and massage into the scalp.

Repeat this process over the full head and when you come up to problem areas like areas where the hair is really short and thin, roll in several directions. Only do this if by judging the hair, you are sure it won’t get caught in the dermaroller.

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