Dermaroller – Why Do I Have Dry Skin After Use?

Hi Guys, Aisling here again, continuing on with everything dermaroller. The first time I used the dermaroller I had expected instantly flawless skin. I soon came to realise that this wasn’t to be the case. My skin felt rough to touch, not smooth at all and was a little bit flaky. Some people experience dry flaky skin the day after, 2 days after or 3 – 4 days after using the dermaroller. The length of time it takes to get dry skin really depends on how light or heavy the pressure was during application. 


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Dermaroller – Healthy Skin

People sensitive skin commonly experience drying and flaking. Dermarolling your skin had highten it’s sensitivities so people who suffer with dry skin are more prone to increased dryness and flaking.


If you do have sensitive skin or any major skin concerns, it is suggested to use the dermaroller with very light pressure. If your skin concerns are serious, go see a skincare specialist for advice before use. I suggest Havana Skin Clinic to my readers as I’ve been visiting this clinic for years and have always achieved incredible results through their treatments. 


People also experience day, flaky skin if they derma roll the skin after using active ingredients. You should use natural ingredients while applying the dermaroller. 

In a nut shell, using the dermaroller inflicts a multitude of benefits to the skin but can be damaging. 

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