Dermaroller – Used Safely

Hi Guys, Aisling here again continuing on with my blog series, exploring everything there is to do with the dermaroller. This blog is focusing on exactly how to use the dermaroller safely. If you follow some simple guidelines, you can generate some incredible results, however I do say that if you have any major skin concerns, you should speak to a skincare specialist before using this product. When I purchased my first dermaroller, I contacted Havana Skin Clinic and was given advice which is outlined in the following blog. 


Use a Gently Face Wash

Use a Gently Face Wash

Step 1

You need to wash your skin with a gentle wash. You cannot leave any residue behind on the surface of the skin. 


Step 2

Divide your face into sections in order to ensure that you do not dermaroll the same part of your skin twice. 


Step 3

Take the first section of your face and roll the dermaroller over your skin back and forward a few times. You then need to dermaroll the same section across the way resulting in a criss cross pattern. You must ensure that you are never turning the roller while it’s in the flesh. 


Ensure to be careful if you have retinol or any active ingredients in your skincare routine. You cannot use active ingredients while using the dermaroller and should be careful during the lead up to it is well. I always say that you should speak to a skincare specialist before changing anything in your skincare routine especially when incorporating new products. 


“What I love about Micro Needling is that, it’s not using any chemicals to improve your skins health, it’s promoting what your body does naturally.”

YouTuber, Abigail James


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