Dermaroller Under Eyes

Hey Guys, What’s up? Aisling here again exploring the magic wand of age reversal that is of course, the dermaroller. I’ve been exploring this device for quite some time now but today I’m looking more at safety than it’s capabilities. While this device can be amazing, it is covered in needles and while their 0.5mm in length, there are still some things you need to note. The area is probably the most fragile area that you will be micro needling. It is because of this reason, the marketing team over in Havana Skin Clinic released the blog, “Dermaroller Under Eyes.”

Moving onto what the experts had to say, below is a direct snippet taken from Havana Skin Clinic’s official blog.

Dermaroller Under Eyes
Best Home Dermaroller

Follow these simple steps to ensure effective and safe micro needling treatment over the eye area: 

Step 1 

For information on skincare products while micro needling, please head over to one of our previous blogs here! Using the right skincare products is vital in carrying out safe micro needling treatment.

Whichever eye you’re starting on, close the eye and roll 4-5 times over the eyes brow depending on your skin sensitivity. 

Step 2

Hold down the skin on the crows feet area to smooth out the lines and achieve good contact between the roller and the surface of your skin. Rolling vertically 4-5 times being extremely careful of the eye area. 

Step 3 

If you have fine line lines beneath the eye area when you are not smiling. – Hold down the skin beneath your cheek bone area and then roll the dermaroller along the cheek bone. This will smooth out the lines generate good contact with the roller and your skin. Again, you need to be so careful that you are avoiding the delicate skin directly under your eye and only micro needling the skin covering the cheek bone and surrounding the eye for that matter. If you do not suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, just micro needle as normal. There is no need to hold down the skin. 

All of the above steps for beard, short and long hair were taken directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s official blog.

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