Dermaroller – Thicken Thinning Hair

We know that the dermaroller can pose a multitude of benefits for the skin but now, we’re looking at how it can thicken thinning hair. People lose hair for many different reasons
⦁ Male or female pattern baldness
⦁ Age where your scalp isn’t getting enough blood circulation
⦁ Stress where some people lose patches of hair
⦁ Over processing your hair – thinner, brittle and might not grow as fast as it used to.

Using the Dermaroller on your head will strengthen and regrow your hair.

When you use the dermaroller on your hair, your puncturing tiny microscopic holes in your scalp which helps to circulate blood circulation to that area to help repair any of the damaged skin. This extra blood circulation also helps to strengthen the roots of your hair and help them grow thicker, stronger and faster.

When using it on your scalp, it’s important to clean the Dermaroller properly. You can use 50% Isopropyl Alcohol. Leave it to soak in a plastic cup. (Leaving the roller in a mug can result in bend needles thus damaging the skin when applied.) After soaking it, remove it and allow it to full dry before applying it. Applying the roller before it’s full dry, will result in burning.

Clean your dermaroller properly

The best time to use the dermaroller over your scalp is when your hair is wet to lessen the chances of the dermaroller getting caught in your hair. It just glides through slightly easier. If you have short hair, you can just comb your hair back and roll the dermaroller from front to back.

How to roll the dermaroller

With the dermaroller, you need to change directions or best results so we recommend you then comb your hair to the side and roll across your head. Then, you need to comb your hair diagonally across your head and roll the dermaroller diagonally across your head to achieve best result.

You can carry this process out 2-3 times a week but in the beginning it is suggested to do it once a week, or to leave it 2 weeks after your first treatment, to ensure that there are no complications.

You will experience discomfort during and after using the dermaroller, this is normal. If you think something isn’t normal like unusual pain or discomfort for the days following treatment, you might be using the roller incorrectly and may need to seek advice.

Dermaroller - Thickening hair
Check out link below for full tutorial


We structured this blog off a YouTube tutorial which you can catch here:
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