Dermaroller Pros and Cons

Hey, what’s up guys! Aisling here again taking another look at the dermaroller. Only this time, I’m looking at it from a much broader out look instead of just zoning in on one aspect. Arguably, you could say that this is my most important blog to date. I’m discussing all things dermaroller pros and cons. For the inspiration for this blog, I turned to Havana Skin Clinic.
Why? Because they are an established laser and skin clinic with a team of professional laser and skincare specialists. Their social media platforms ooze education and are an accurate representation of their physical clinics.

The following snippet is taken from one of their latest blogs which is a general synopsis of an interview they did with Yasmin.

Yasmin is a specialist in results driven treatments with over 10 years experience in her field.  

Yasmin starts by listing the pros and cons that the dermaroller has to offer and they are as follows:


Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Boost Collagen 

Eliminates Acne Scarring 

Stretch Marks 

Minimise Open Pores and Blocked Pores 

After using the dermaroller, our skin is also a lot brighter, a lot firmer and overall has that rejuvenated look. 


  • We would recommend that you not exercise on the day of using the dermaroller. (This is especially goes for people that apply a lot of pressure while dermarolling.) 
  • Redness after treatment. After using a dermaroller, your skin can hold some redness the next day. 
  • Your skin will feel sensitive after treatment. 
  • We also recommend that you not use active ingredients 5 days before treatment and 5 days after treatment. 
dermaroller pros and cons

You may be asking yourself:

“Why can’t I use active ingredients while carrying out at home micro needling?”

Your body goes into repair mode while carrying out both meaning that they shouldn’t be used together because it’s too much for our skin.

Did you know?

While carrying out at home micro needling, bets practice is to role in a criss-cross pattern. So rolling vertically and then rolling horizontally over the same area. You should map out the area you’re rolling into sections before starting treatment. So, for the face you could start on the forehead and then the cheeks, nose, chin and then neck. Always rolling from right to left. We do this as redness may not be apparent immediately. It is purely to keep track of what areas we have rolled to not go over the same sections twice.

In conclusion, personally I think there are no cons associated with this product trusting that you carry out the treatment at night. One thing You should also note that you cannot carry out the treatment if you have certain skin conditions like rosacea and active acne. You can use it over mild rosacea but it would be recommended to seek advice before carrying out at home micro needling if you have any type of rosacea. Also, if you have a cold sore, you must wait 2 weeks after it has disappeared to use your dermaroller to avoid the spread of infection.

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