Dermaroller Procedure

In this blog, I’m going to be looking at the dermaroller procedure and highlight some questions that I recently found out, I wasn’t alone in wondering.

As always I turned to Havana Skin Clinic’s official website in retrieving the facts for this blog. They have 3 clinics across county Dublin, Ireland and specialise in non invasive results driven treatments.

Are the Results Permanent?

This is something a lot of people ask! Understandably is well. I mean it’s a type of micro needling but when you look at how many times you can carry out the treatment from one dermaroller at home compared to paying a specialist. There are significant savings! Of course the needles are 0.5mm compared to in house micro needling ones that are 1.5mm but with prolonged use of the dermaroller, a lot of reviews promise results to be almost neck and neck. I questioned the accuracy of reviews I read if I’m honest.

Dermaroller Procedure
dermaroller in stores

Here’s what Yasmin, specialist in results driven treatments with over¬†10 years experience had to say;

“Yes, the results are permanent. For example with acne scarring, if you are suffering with scarring, depending on the severity of the scarring you may need to use the roller more often to achieve your desired results. However, once these results are achieved, they are not reversible. They are permanent. You may experience new scarring if you are eligible for breakouts that could leave you with scarring but this will not allow old scarring to resurface. The scarring that is cleared up from using your dermaroller is gone forever.”

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