Dermaroller Price

Hi Everyone, Aisling here again looking at the dermaroller. Today I’m looking at the price of the dermaroller in comparison to in clinic micro needling treatment. I have both actively used a dermaroller and had micro needling treatment. I had micro needle in clinic treatment in Havana Skin Clinic and also bought my dermaroller from them.

The dermaroller is a form of micro needle treatment but on a much smaller scale. The dermaroller contains needles of 0.5 mm depth and the in clinic treatment goes from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm needle depth. The 0.5 mm depth would be closer to the eye area. I had a look at Havana Skin Clinic’s latest blog where they spoke about the similarities.

Dermaroller Price
Dermaroller 0.5

Differences Between In Clinic Micro Needling and the Dermaroller:

In clinic micro needling goes deeper beneath the epidermis of the skin generating better results.

The Dermaroller requires more patience as you gradually build up the amount of treatments. You can start at one treatment per week then go to 2 if when your skin is ready. You can gradually build up to 3-4 max depending on your skin.

The downtime associated with micro needing is longer as the controlled injury is more severe.

The dermaroller requires a lot more of your time and energy.

The dermaroller can be done from home.

The two options for micro needling pose different benefits for different people.

But what are the similarities?

It goes without saying that they have many similarities. While people are undergoing a course of micro needling treatment, they may also use a dermaroller in between treatments.

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