Dermaroller on Stretch Marks

Stretch marks.. Almost everyone I know has them. I’ve witness more of my friends do that awkward twirl in the mirror followed by a disappointed look over the shoulder to assess those white lines around the thigh area that so many of us possess. Inevitable for most. Your chances of getting stretch marks are high as they occur in such a variety of cases including:


Weight Gain.

Weigh Loss.


And well, some people just seem to have them. I have a couple of friends who have maintained a size 6 figure for as long as I’ve known them and even they have stretch marks. They are so common. However, that does not mean we have to accept them. In 2019, we are truly living in a time where it is 110% acceptable to change something about us that we don’t like, right? There are actually cost effective, non surgical solutions. Havana Skin Clinic have launched a Premium Dermaroller called the Image A.D.S which can be used over stretch marks to reduce their appearance.

Dermaroller on stretch marks
Dermaroller for Stretch Mark Reduction

But how does it work? Here’s what they had to say…

“It will reduce the stretch marks by creating a controlled injury on the surface of the skin. The injury is caused by the needles themselves but as they are all 0.5mm in length, the depth is controlled. When it creates that controlled injury, the skin is going to kick into repair mode. The skin recognizes that an injury has been caused and will produce collagen and elastin in response. The production of these proteins its going to help bring the skin back together and tighten it up, minimising the appearance of stretch marks and giving a smoother feel to the skin.

The Image ADS premium dermaroller has a needle depth of 0.5mm. This is the only depth that you can use at home without medical supervision, but if you want to go any deeper into the skin, we recommend that you go to a certified skin clinic.”


his roller can also be used on the neck area. I zoned in on this topic in my last blog which you van view by clicking THIS LINK