Dermaroller On Neck

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulously productive week! It’s hump day and we’re all feeling a bit tired right? A bit lazy? Perhaps you skipped the gym this morning or are planning to this evening to take a well earned break. I’m coming on to tell you that that’s 110% okay! Just don’t get lazy on your skincare. Achieving a youthful, healthy complexion can only be achieved with a consistent skincare routine. With that in mind, the same principle applies to results achieved from using your dermaroller. For this blog, I turned to Havana Skin Clinic as they are well known established laser and skin clinic chain with a team of highly skilled laser and skincare specialists.

As the title suggests, in this blog I’m focusing on dermaroller neck area. If you missed my previous blog focusing on all things Dermapen VS Dermaroller, just click on the link and grab my take on which one I think is better.

Sagging Skin?

Moving onto how dermaroller usage can help to reduce sagging skin on the neck area. Going back to what I was saying about skincare being something we have to consistently focus on if we want to achieve healthy, youthful skin. The same applies in tightening and lifting sagging skin on the neck and platysma area. Incredible results can be achieved once this device is consistently used. For information on best home dermaroller practice, here’s Havana Skin Clinic’s steps for dermaroller on neck.

Dermaroller on Neck
Dermaroller Loose Skin

“The following is a step by step guide to best dermaroller practice for the neck area: 

Step 1: You’re going to need your product. The same rules that apply to the facial area, apply to the neck and chest area for that matter. You can use the same product as you have used while rolling over the face. This product should not contain any active ingredients. For best dermaroller practice, we recommend hyaluronic acid or Iuma Brightening serum, both of which found amongst Image Skincare’s range. 

Step 2: Take the full neck area starting from one side as far back as you can go with the area in sight to prevent harm to the surface of the skin, all the way round to the other side. This is to keep track on what areas have been rolled to prevent going over the same area twice. 

Step 3: Apply your product before and after dermaroller usage.”

Do you have sagging skin around the neck area? It might not even be down to age. The platysma area can be slightly looser in people of all ages, this can be because of factors such as weight gain and loss or perhaps even just genetics. Uplift and tighten this area with the Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller Using This Link!


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