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Hi Guys, Aisling here again looking at the dermaroller from one of its most popular benefits. It may come as a surprise to some of you who are using it purely for acne scar reduction or wrinkle prevention/reduction but this device is also excellent for reducing open and blocked pores. Initially, I was quite surprised to learn this myself as I never would of predicted it having this capability but it does. Given that the nose area is the area that suffers most from open and blocked pores, I give you my latest blog, Dermaroller Nose.

Of course I only provide you, my readers with the facts. This is why I consistently turn to the team in Havana Skin Clinic.

I can rely on them for reliable advice that I know is coming from one of their skincare specialists.

In one of their latest blogs, they discussed the steps needed in order to successfully carrying out at home micro needling on the nose.

Yasmin Holden, Expert in Results Driven Treatments and Products

How to carry out at home micro needling on the nose area:

Roll one side at a time.

Dermaroll up and down the side of the nose 4-5 times depending on sensitivity.

Roll across the nose 4-5 times depending on sensitivity.

Dermaroll down the bridge of the nose 4-5 times depending on sensitivity . Do not roll across the bridge of your nose vertically, only the 4-5 times horizontally. 

Taken directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s Official Blog

For those of you who are new to our blog, micro needling has many other benefits including:

Reducing the appearance of acne scarring. 

Reducing mild rosacea (do not use if your rosacea is active. If while using over mild rosacea, it flares up, stop immediately. You then need to retain the advice of a skincare specialist.) 

Reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Overall skin rejuvenation. 

Plumps skin and lips. 

And of course, reduces blocked pores and closes open pores. 

Taken directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s Official blog.

In conclusion, the dermaroller works really well as an exfoliator is well while working away at all of the listed benefits above. If you missed my last blog, Just Click on this Link and It’ll Bring You Right Through.

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