Dermaroller Lips

Finally, a solution for increasing our lips without filler ladies! I don’t know about you but I have been so back and forth about taking the plunge and going where there is NO GOING BACK and having lip filler. I’ve honestly had days (especially after an Instagram binge) where I think, “That’s it! I’m doing it! I’m just gona’ have to get lip filler.” Of course I change my mind a hot second later but how tempting it’s always been. I’ve tried lip plumps which have worked a tiny bit for about an hour but never quite satisfy my desire for a bigger pout! Now, if you have been following my blogs, you’ll know that I am simply OBSESSED with the dermaroller! Thanks to Havana Skin Clinic’s forever fruitful blog, I now know that I can increase my lips while carrying out my home micro needling treatments. Did somebody say, 2 birds, 1 stone?! Welcome to my latest blog, “Dermaroller Lips.”

Dermaroller Lips
Dermaroller Lips – Before and After taken from Havana Skin Clinic

Havana Skin Clinic Know’s the Science:

For those of you who don’t know what the dermaroller is, allow us to explain. The dermaroller is an at home micro needling device. Micro needling is a treatment whereby fine needles puncture the outer layer of the dermis also known as the papillary layer. It effectively is a controlled injury to the surface of the skin. This controlled injury stimulates your bodies natural ability to heal itself. Your body now produces collagen and elastin at an increase rate. The production of collagen and elastin inflicts a multitude of benefits to the skin including plumping. Micro needling the lip area will increase the collagen in your lips thus increasing their size. 

Taken directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s Official Blog

You should note that if you’re using the dermaroller, it’s so important to ensure that your skin type is suitable. Click the link above in the first paragraph and scroll down to where the guys in Havana Skin Clinic have highlighted skin types that can’t be micro needled over.

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