Dermaroller in Stores

Hi everyone! Aisling here again exploring everything you need to know when buying a dermaroller from a store! I was actually in a department store not so long ago and discovered that they were selling dermarollers which kind of took me by surprise. I always thought that skin clinics and the like were the only places that could stock and sell them. The reason being, you can harm your skin by carrying out treatment incorrectly. It’s important to obtain skincare specialsit advice before purchasing a dermaroller. Throughout this blog, I am going to highlight exactly why. Welcome to my latest blog, “Dermaroller in Stores.”

Luckily for me, I have a very trustworthy source where I get all of my information from. The team of laser and skincare specialists over in Havana Skin Clinic are always happy to answer any of my queries when I call and if no one is available, they always call back within the hour. They recently released a blog on this topic which I am going to dissect and share with you guys.

Ways in which you can harm your skin when using a dermaroller:

You shouldn’t be using a dermaroller if you suffer with any of the following:

– Active Acne. 
– Active Rosacea.
– Eczema. 
– Frequent cold sores. You must wait 2 weeks after your cold sore(s) have disappeared to use the dermaroller. 
– Any abnormal skin condition. 
– Bottom line, if you are questioning whether or not your skin is suitable, seek advice from a skincare specialist before using the dermaroller. 

Taken Directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s Official Blog

Whilst using the roller:

Ensure you do not turn the roller in your skin in any way. Lift the roller before turning it and then place it back onto the skin. 
Do not use any active ingredients on the skin 3 days pre and post treatment. 
Do not use any active ingredients on the skin 3 days pre and post treatment. 
Before treatment. – Double cleanse to ensure a deep clean. 
During treatment. – Apply a non active, cosmeceutical serum while carrying out treatment. (Ensure it’s been approved by a specialist before using it during treatment. Cheaper serums may contain perfumes that will irritate the skin.) 
After treatment. – Ensure that change your pillow case to avoid dirt going into the wounded skin.

Taken directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s Official Blog
Dermaroller in Stores
Dermaroller Before and After

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