Dermaroller – Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Dermaroller – Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Hi Guys, Aisling here again continuing on with the dermaroller series. After exploring this topic so extensively, I realised that I never divulged into onto one of it’s core benefits. In this blog, I’m going to zoning in on how it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Again for advice from top skincare and laser specialists, head over to Havana Skin Clinic’s website here:

Prevent Early Signs Of Aging With the Dermaroller.

As we get older, our elastin and collagen begin to slow down. In fact as soon we reach the age of 25, the ageing process begins. Scary, I know! Not to worry, there are natural ways of wakening them up and letting them know that they still need to get up and do their job!

But how does it work?

By causing controlled trauma to the surface of the skin, we are giving them a reason to get off their back sides basically. Using the dermaroller promotes the bodies natural healing ability resulting in fresh, plumper skin resulting in reduced appearance in fine lines and wrinkles.

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