Dermaroller – Don’ts

Hi Guys, Aisling here again continuing on with my dermaroller obsession. Today I’m writing about the don’ts associated with this product. The product is fairly straight forward but there are some mistakes people can make and I’m going to explore them the best of my ability below. I say the best of my ability because skincare is personal and never generic making advice on products and treatments hard to give without a face to face consultation. With this is in mind, I would always suggest heavily carrying out research before investing in a new product. Havana Skin Clinic offer extensive information on the dermaroller over on their website here

If you have active acne, treat the acne until it’s completely disappeared to use the Dermaroller. For instance , if you have a cold sore, you must wait 2 weeks after it has completely disappeared to use the dermaroller.

Dermaroller – Mistakes

  1. When carrying out the treatment, never turn the roller while it’s in your skin. Only roll back and forth. Turning the rolling while it’s in your skin can cause damage to the surface of your skin.
  2. While cleaning your roller, only leave it in a plastic cup and not a hard mug. The weight on the needles can lead them to bend, thus damaging the skin when applied.
  3. If you drop your roller, throw it out! I don’t just say this from a hygiene perspective but also from a safety perspective. The impact could damage the needles thus damaging the skin when applied to the surface of the skin.
  4. Do not use the dermaroller over active acne.
  5. Do not use the dermaroller over active rosacea.
  6. You cannot use the dermaroller over burst veins.

That’s my 6 key points on how not to use your dermaroller. As mentioned before, always research and make sure you know how to use the dermaroller before hand and if it’s suitable for your skin type. In relation to skincare, you cannot use any active ingredients while using the dermaroller. Check out our previous blog on the dermaroller here:

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