Dermaroller 0.5 How Often

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Aisling here again chatting all things skincare and the dermaroller. So a big BIG part about carrying out both safe and effective micro needling practise is how often you do it. It’s a fine line. Not micro needling enough and not achieving consistency won’t generate best results and micro needling too often could be harmful to the skin resulting in the opposite effect of what we set out to achieve. Here’s my latest blog, “Dermaroller 0.5 How Often”, hope you like it.

As usual, I turned to the guys in Havana Skin Clinic. They had broken this topic down and explained it thoroughly leaving no stone unturned. I’ll pop a link to their blog in so you can check it out yourself. Before you ask, yes it is 100% worth the read. Their experts and their advice is invaluable.

Dermaroller 0.5 How Often
Dermaroller How To Use

How Often Can I Use My 0.5 Dermaroller? An Average. 

You can build the amount of sessions up to 2-3 sessions per week depending on sensitivity and healing time. 

Week 1: Use the roller once. 

Week 2: If your skin is okay to us the roller twice, do so. You’ll know by how it feels after treatment and the days following, If you are unsure, call us and seek advice. (01) 424 2010

Week 3: If you haven’t upped it to 2 sessions, you skin may be ready for it on week 3. Again, following instructions as above. If you have already increased to 2, don’t increase to 3 on this week. 

Week 4: This week, your skin may be ready to increase sessions to 3. Again, following advice as laid out in week 2 instructions. 

Week 5: You shouldn’t be going above 3 sessions on week 5. 

As you use the roller, generally people experience their tolerance will increase.

Taken Directly From Havana Skin Clinic’s Blog

I would highly recommend giving their full blog a read as they explain what might hinder or change how you should be rolling or even in circumstances when you should stop altogether.

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This topic is also incredibly important in carrying out both safe and effective at home micro needling.