The DermaPlump for At Home Micro Needling

You’ve heard of Micro Needling but have you heard of the DermaPlump. We. Are. OBSESSED with this product and for so many reasons!! For those of you who have been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the magically treatment that is Micro Needling, here’s the scoop….      

The DermaPlump is an at home Micro Needling Device. It causes minor injury to the skin, promoting your bodies natural healing ability in giving your collagen and elastin that kick start they need, resulting in an overall improvement to your skins health.

While providing you guys with advice on skincare, we only source the information we use from professional skincare specialists. The inspiration for this article was taken from a piece on Havana Skin Clinic’s official website: 


Micro Needling is a treatment whereby needles either on a hand held device or on a roller are ran all over an area of choice. The most popular one being the facial area. By inflicting controlled injury to skin, we are promoting the body’s natural healing ability to produce collagen and elastin and improve the skins overall health.


The DermaPlump is an at home micro needling device which is similar to the micro needling service which you can avail of in laser and skin clinics. The needles are shorter to allow the treatment to carried out safely while not being done by a professional and also comfortably.


For tutorials on how to use the DermaPlump, check out Havana Skin Clinic’s You Tube and Instagram accounts. 


It poses many benefits including:

DermaPlump- Collagen Induction Therapy

The At Home Micro Needling Kit – The DermaPlump

  • Reduces the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Reduces Black Heads


  • Closes Pores


  • Plumps Skin results in naturally bigger lips


  • Reverse Sun Damage and Pigmentation


  • Removes Dead Skin Cells


  • Improves overall skin health


While carrying out this treatment, you might be wondering what products are most suitable to use? We suggest Hyaluronic acid or Images Intense lightening serum. In fact, We wrote a blog on the lightening serum which you can find here

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