DermaPlump Extended

DermaPlump Extended…

Following up from our last blog on the DermaPlump, A.K.A Hollywood’s worst kept secret unleashed, we thought that you might want to know exactly what the DermaPlump is. 

What does the DermaPlump do?

In a nutshell……Rolling hundreds of tiny needles all over your face might sound like some sort of self harm!! However, this is not the case! The DermaPlump inflicts very little pain and discomfort to the skin while resulting in a multitude of benefits.

While overall improving our skins health, it also gives us more out of our products. This is because we’re breaking the skins greatest barrier and allowing our products to penetrate deeper. The main benefit of carrying out this treatment is giving your collagen and elastin that kick they need to do their job while promoting the bodies natural healing ability. The treatment results in the creation of fresh, plump skin and lips.


The DermaPlump - At Home Micro Needling Device

The Benefits of Using the DermaPlump

What is the DermaPlump – Extended?

It is an at home micro needling hand held rolling device which is made up of 540 0.5mm titanium needles. The micro injuries created by the roller stimulate the bodies naturally healing ability. It therefore increases your body’s collagen and elastin productivity in the area being treated. This results in smoother, firmer skin.

The results derived from using a derma rolling device are similar to those from Micro Needling in a laser and skin clinic.

For anyone that isn’t suitable for micro needling for whatever reason. Reasons can vary from their schedule doesn’t allow for it (all of you on the go Mum’s, workaholics, gym bunnies) or they’re simply not ready and want to trial the treatment on a smaller scale, this is perfect for you. Generally with Derma Rolling, mineral make up can be worn an hour after using the roller. There is really no time down time with using this product.

While providing you guys with advice on skincare, we only source the information we use from professional skincare specialists. The inspiration for this article was taken from a piece on Havana Skin Clinic’s official website: 

For our introductory blog on this, check out this link


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