Dermapen Results

Hey Guys! Aisling here taking a look at the dermapen results today. First of all, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having fabulously productive weeks! If you’re not, no sweat! Wednesday is the perfect day to recap and rethink the remainder of your week. All is not lost 😉 You can probably guess what I’m about to say but I’ve got to say it anyway or I’ll be in trouble for plagiarism. I got the inspiration for this blog from Havana Skin Clinic’s
last article talking all things “dermapen results”.

Here’s my take on it!

After reviewing the benefits, it’s clear that they are the same as at home micro needling only as the needles go deeper, a longer down time comes and better results. That’s not to say that you cannot achieve the same results as using a dermaroller consistently. Obviously with this option, there is a lot more commitment, time and patience that has to go into it. Both options are similar yet quite different. One suites someone who leads a busy life style and can’t afford the down time and the other suites someone who can sacrifice a few days to the down time that comes with micro needling. The results achieved by both treatments are listed the same but as mentioned previously can differ on their scale.

dermapen results
Dermapen vs Dermaroller

Dermapen Results – Yasmin Holden’s Opinion 

Yasmin began by highlighting her LOVE for the dermapen going through it’s benefits which are similar the dermaroller kit. 

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improves overall skin health.

Open Pores.

Blocked Pores.

Stretch Marks 


Overall Rejuvenation 

You might be thinking, well surely the in clinic micro needling would be better for someone on the go but it’s truly not. Think about it, you have to travel there, have numbing cream applied, wait and then have treatment whereas with the dermaroller, you can carry out treatment, whenever is most convenient for you. I’m probably biased for the dermaroller as I have a very busy scedule! While I’ve had in clinic micro needling and LOVED the results, I never seem to be able to fit it into my schedule and often end up turning back to my trusty Image A.D.S Dermaroller Subscription

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