Derma Rolling While Pregnant

Hi everyone! Aisling here revisiting the forever wonderful dermaroller. I usually write about my own personal experiences or those of friends. But today I am writing about something that I have never gone through and neither have any of my close friends. When I first came across this topic, it kind of shocked me. I did not expect the answer to be what it was but anyway, welcome to my latest blog on derma rolling while pregnant.

derma rolling while pregnant
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If you’re like me, you probably automatically thought that it would be absolute safe to use the dermaroller while pregnant! I mean, why wouldn’t it be?! You’re using it on your face. Well, after reading the latest blog Havana Skin Clinic released, I’ve come to learn that this is not the case. You cannot under any circumstance use the roller while pregnant.

To make matters even worst, I came to learn that your skin can be more dull during pregnancy! Skincare is at it’s utmost importance and no active ingredients can be applied. For a skincare lover, I can imagine that this must be so difficult but as outlined in Havana’s blog, it should be seen as an opportunity to discover new, natural products.

Let’s get to the science!

As this topic is new to me, I decided to quote from Havana Skin Clinic’s official blog. Here’s what they had to say:

“It’s similar to why you cannot use active skin products while pregnant. Although the dermaroller contains no acids and harsh chemicals, when applied to the skin, it’s using your lymphatic system and that could be dangerous for the baby. Why? It stimulates blood in the lymphatic system and this activity could harm the baby so we must avoid it all costs.”

To conclude, during pregnancy, you should chat to a skincare specialist and ensure that none of the products you are using could be harmful towards your baby.

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