Derma Roller Serum

Hey Everyone! It’s Aisling back again with my latest blog on what derma roller serum you should be using while carrying out at home micro needling. There is no specific serum made for derma rollers or micro needling in particular but there are plenty of serums on the market that you can use while needling your face or body for that matter. Havana Skin Clinic’s latest blog went through all of IMAGE skincares serums that can be used while micro needling. They also explained what advantages each one has for the skin which is essential information for determining what one suites you best. They also of course went through what and why you can’t use certain serums.

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Iluma Intense brightening serum

Contains – Brightening botanicals, tyrosinase inhibitors, grape seed extract, Vit C.

Good for – Redness/sun spots/irritated/post-peel/sensitive.

This product is oil free and great for redness with pigmentation. 

The Iluma brightening serum also contains  Vectorize Technology® which has a 48hr time release delivery system. It delivers an antiaging complex into the skin and this technology is patent to Image skincare and is present in only a few of the products throughout all of the products in their entire range. This ranges target market are people who suffer with pigmentation or just wish to brighten their skin tone.

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derma roller serum
Iluma Brightening Serum

Ageless total pure Hyaluronic filler 

Contains – 6 forms of hyaluronic acid 

Good for – Aging Skin/fine lines and wrinkles/dry skin/post-treatment. 

Immediate and long term hydration Pair with any IMAGE product for additional plumping and hydration. Can even be used during pregnancy. 

This product is excellent for plumping and hydration and is one of Image Skincare’s best sellers. It’s known for it’s benefits in retaining skins youthful appearance and is recommended for people 25+. From the age of 25 on wards, your collagen and elastin production slow down making it important to invest in your skin care. This is of course why using your derma roller is so important as it stimulates collagen and elastin production. 

derma roller serum
dermaroller at home

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Other serums suitable for at home micro needling

Ormedic balancing anti-oxidant serum – this serum is suitable for people with unbalanced, breakouts and sensitive skin. 

derma roller serum
The Ormedic Balancing Serum

Havana Skin Clinic zoned in on the hyaluronic and brightening serums as they are the most popular to use while home micro needling. If you had extremely unbalanced skin, the Ormedic would probably be best to use. But it’s always a good idea to chat to a skincare specialist and double check before investing you time and money. Remember, this products effects will be maximised during micro needling so it’s a really good opportunity to fill your skin with the best ingredients possible to improve it’s health. So, choose wisely 😉

Furthermore, I’ve come to the conclusion that the brightening serum is the best serum for me. This serum would be my best option as I suffer with pigmentation. As I understand, the hyaluronic is overall the most popular due to it’s plumping and hydration benefits. In a nutshell, the really is no one best serum to use, it really depends on your skin type.