Derma Roller Routine For Acne Scars

Hi everyone! Hope you are all feeling fabulous of this gorgeous Humpday! I know I am! I stuffed my face with pancakes last night!Despite feeling like a balloon afterwards still managed to get myself out of bed for the gym this morning! Wednesday isn’t looking so bad for me and I hope you’re feeling the same. Today I’m exploring, “Derma Roller Routine For Acne Scars.” If you own a dermaroller, like a lot of my friends and colleagues for that matter, the sole reason may be down to scarring.

Derma roller routine for acne scars
DermarollerBefore and After

Acne scarring is ague-ably the most annoying skin concern. You work so hard on removing the acne!Investing so much time and money into finally saying goodbye. Only to discover that it’s not goodbye as they’ve left a permanent mark on you forever. Havana Skin Clinic have been raving about the remedy on how to turn that permanent stay into a temporary one.

Here’s what Havana Skin Clinic had to say:

“As if the consistent infection/wound wasn’t bad enough, just as we thought we had gotten rid of it, it’s left it’s mark on us forever. Well, not forever. Innovative skincare practise now means that it’s not forever. We can finally say goodbye to our acne for good. The dermaroller is an at home micro needling device that promotes collagen and elastin production. As we are also promoting our bodies natural healing ability, any scar tissue is going back into repair mode and it’s appearance being reduced.”

It really is crazy to think that wounding the surface of the skin, we can in the long run make it healthier. I always think of it as reminding your collagen and elastin to finish it’s job! In relation to wrinkle reduction, it’s like reminding it to do its job properly.

Guys, if you missed my last blog, go check it out, I really have left no stone unturned! when it comes to the dermaroller.