Derma Roller on Wrinkles

Hi Guys, Aisling here again taking another look at the dermaroller. Lately, I can’t help but obsess over the concept of my collagen and elastin slowing down in just 2 months. I turn 25 in March and have learned that this is when our collagen and elastin production get’s slightly lax. As always guys, I only source the facts from trustworthy sources which is why I turned to Havana Skin Clinic  while researching everything there is to know on the derma roller on wrinkles.

Derma Roller on Wrinkles
How to use Dermaroller on Face

I am obsessed with preventing any signs of ageing for as long as possible. Why do I love dermaroller usage? Dermaroller procedure allows us to promote our bodies natural ability to heal itself this promoting collagen and elastin production and prolonging early signs of ageing. For me, a 24 year old, dermaroller procedure is without a doubt the best and only option in prolonging the ageing process.

I was directed to an article that they had produced outlining Yasmin Holden, laser and skincare specialist and manager to their Dundrum clinic’s explanation on why dermaroller usage and the derma roller on wrinkles.

Here are the key points I took from it:

“While using your dermaroller kit, you are promoting the production of what your body already has. We’re merely giving it a gentle reminder that it needs to keep up production! 

We’re also creating tiny micro channels in the skin which increases results achieved by our products. Hyaluronic acid will also contribute to plumping our skin. 

The Challenge!

Our skin is now woke and working to repair it self producing collagen and elastin and remaining plump. 

Prediction and Prevention:

Derma Roller on Wrinkles
Best Derma Roller

Don’t wait around, prevent their arrival! A big mistake made by many of us is not worrying about what we cannot see. Just because you cannot see your collagen and elastin production slowing down beneath the surface, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The secret to fighting early signs of ageing and retaining  a youthful complexion is through prediction and prevention. Through keeping on top of our collagen and elastin production, we’re going to achieve better, more long term sustainable results.”

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Dermaroller Kit

You can also see Yasmin explain how the dermaroller works on wrinkles Over on Havana Skin Clinic’s You Tube Channel