Derma Roller For Stretch Marks

Derma Roller For Stretch Marks, what a headline. You may have read that and thought; “the dermaroller is for skin rejuvenation! Why on earth is it in the same sentence as stretch marks?” The answer is, just like it works to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, it works reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Throughout this blog, I am going to be looking at my own experience and how the treatment works. For reference I have pulled content from Havana Skin Clinic’s latest blog on this topic.

My own experience with stretch marks!

I’d like to start by saying that having stretch marks is never something that bothered me! It’s reported that an average of 80% of the population has them! Their arrival is most definitely inevitable. That’s not to say that their stay is permanent though. As you all know, I am a lover of all things beauty and results driven treatments and products. I’ve looked into treatments, lotions, potions, you name it! Anything to inflict confidence through non surgical change and I’m there. I’m not saying, I’m not confident but take the topic at hand for example: When I discovered that I could actually reduce my stretch marks on my bum with a dermaroller for 30 odd euro, I was pretty excited to say the least! For my own discretion, I won’t be posting before and afters so you’ll just have to take my advice. 😉

To start with, my stretch marks were white and not too noticeable. I used my dermaroller once a week on them. After a month, their visibility had reduced a lot. The results were gradual so hard to monitor and appreciate. I just noticed that they were reduced a lot as they were quite faint before hand and by the end of the month, they were barely visible. They’re not gone completely but given that 80% of people have them, let’s just say, I’m not too concerned and neither should you be. 🙂

How micro needling works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

By using the dermaroller on the bum area that is affected by cellulite, we are causing the same reaction that occurs on the face. Collagen and elastin production is stimulated which results in the area tightening and firming. 

Taken directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s Official Website

By clicking the highlighted blue link at the beginning of this blog, you will brought straight through to Havana Skin Clinic’s official blog that details how to physically use the dermaroller on your body in order to tackle stretch marks. Also, if you missed my last blog talking all things acne scar removal, you can check it out by clicking this link!

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