Why choose SlimME over other body contouring systems?

Youth is now the dream and everybody desires it. In the world of body contouring for aesthetics, the safest treatments are the non-invasive ones. There are diode lasers and other low-level laser technologies, radio-frequencies, infrared, vacuums, cooling, heating.  Usually there is also micro-needling to deal with stretch marks after.

SlimME stands out as it uses 4 different technologies all synergistic to one another to provide a quick, efficient, and long lasting effect.

It uses pulsating vacuum to isolate different areas of the body in need of fat reduction. Such the case for CoolSculpt, but instead of two metal plates holding the bulge produced from the vacuum, a specifically design unified ultrasonic emitter heats the fats to a specific temperature destroying them. SlimMe also has an added feature to the vacuum, and that is the protective cooling function included in the hand piece. It cools surrounding areas to contain the heating in the specified areas only.

Liposonix uses the same technology for the same purpose of destroying fat cells but lacks the instant results that SlimMe offers. After the ultrasonic emission, multipolar radio frequencies are emitted. This soothingly heats the targeted areas stimulating the body’s natural healing response. This response makes the skin contract, smoothening it out, which will show instantly the results of the fat reduction process.

Both of the presented alternatives allows the natural way of disposing the dead fat cells. Zerona makes use of multiple treatments, exercise, and modified diets for the treatment to take effect. SlimMe can hasten the fat cells disposing process by the use of the lymphatic drainage massage after each cycle. It moves the fat cells faster through the lymphatic system allowing for quicker disposition, so, faster results.

There we have it, SlimME is your best choice to having the perfect physique. Not only that it offers a safe and extremely efficient body contouring technology but it also assures you that your body will be sculpted to your most desired. It won’t hurt, it won’t damage your internal organs, it won’t harm your skin and most importantly, it will make you feel good because looking good, nowadays, makes you feel good.

This life will give you lots of challenges and the best way to give yourself credit for overcoming all of them is to take care of your mind and body. Cleanse it of the unwanted, give the love that it needs by being, at most times, the best version of yourself. Bring out your most beautiful by eating well, by resting enough and by positivity. To help you along the way, the experts are always around. SlimME will guide and lead you to the perfect you.